How to Convert your CV/ Resume/Cover Letter From MS Word to PDF

How to Convert your CV/ Resume/Cover Letter From MS Word to PDF

Most online application will require you to submit your application in pdf format, which is easier to read for employer than the written one is Microsoft word.

Pdf mean portable document format and as the name suggest, it makes your CV, Resume or Cover Letter portable and whatever format you use in sending any of this document is the exact copy the receiver of such document will receive.

Unlike sending MS Word document with some style of formatting that deliver with different type of formatting to the employer that requested for your application document.

The possible reason for that is the version of MS Word format you use in sending your application documents. You may use the version of 2013 and the receiver is using a lower version that are not even compatible with all the styles, formatting and other great features you can find in 2010 or 2013 version.

The only possible solution to avoid all these is to convert your application document into portable document format (PDF).

How to Convert your CV/ Resume/Cover Letter From MS Word to PDF

Follow the simple procedure below and learn how to do it on your own without the assistance of anybody helping you to convert your application document from MS Word to PDF.

First you need to type all your information in MS Word and if you already have everything typed in word document, jump to the second step.

  1. First prepare your CV in Microsoft word format.

  2. Go to Home in Microsoft word 2007 or File in MS-Word 2010, click on “Safe As”

  3. A dialogue box will appear after clicking on the “Save As” option, (in MS-Word 2007, after clicking on Save as, it will show you options where you will see Save As PDF). Look for the PDF option and click on it. Please note the first box is “File Name” which is the name in which you want your CV to be known or be saved. The second option is the “Save As Type” where you see different format in which you can save your application documents.

  4. When you click on Save as type option, select PDF and click save, your CV will be automatically converted to a PDF format

  5. That’s all, you now have your CV in PDF format and at the same time you still have the other copy in Microsoft Word document format.

If you’re still confused and not getting it, please let me know through the comment form below and I will response as soon as possible. It a must you get now and forever.

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